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4 supplements from IH regimen that are (supposedly) bad for you: Peatarin view on Curcumin, Resveratrol, Carnitine, Fish Oil.

Peatarin view on some hugely popular natural supplements.

Full article:

To sum it up:


The study below shows that it may stress the body causing it to create MORE thyroid hormone in youth, when the body still possesses the youthful ability to do so in response to stress.  However, as the organism ages, levels free thyroid hormone T3 dropped significantly.


The study below shows that reserveratrol does interfere with thyroid activity, and increases TSH while decreasing both T4 and T3 for a double-negative effect.  It also decreased thyroid perixodase (TPO) activity which is responsible for breaking off iodine for combination with tyrosine for production of thyroid hormones T3 and T4.

In a recent study, to determine whether resveratrol would slow the heart rate and lower the body temperature in mice, those metabolic indicators were depressed by resveratrol for one day, but then returned to normal. The endurance of the mice on a treadmill was reduced by the resveratrol treatment (Mayers, et al., 2009).  This sounds similar to Gilbert Ling’s frog that’s heartbeat never returned to original strength after a spell of living with a depressed metabolism.


It is marketed as a fat loss supplement because it increases lipolysis (the conversion of fat to sugar).  While that does sound good for weight loss, using fat for energy is very inefficient and hard on the body, and makes you prone to storing more food as fat as it represents a primitive, slow metabolism.  The people who have written extensively about it being good have experienced adrenaline highs.  They may not have experienced adrenaline lows (where tissue is no longer sensitive to adrenaline) yet, but they will.   All fatty acids are deficient in oxygen (two oxygen atoms per molecule) so using them for energy automatically creates more lactic acid than CO2.  CO2 is produced in greater amounts by the use of sugar (typically six or more oxygen atoms per molecule depending on the saccharide size) for energy.

In addition, carnitine may negatively affect the transport of T3 and T4 into cells – which makes sense as fatty acid metabolism and free fatty acids inhibits glucose metabolism by reducing insulin sensitivity, L-carnitine has been found to act as a peripheral antagonist of thyroid hormone action. In particular, L-carnitine inhibits both triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (T4) entry into the cell nuclei.

Paradoxically, children with carnitine deficiency may have increased free fatty acid concentrations and hypoglycemia. This makes sense if you understand that carnitine transports fatty acids into cells for energy production.  The key is to not have high free fatty acids to begin with by making sugar a principle part of your diet to suppress adrenaline and ensuring you have adequate levels of vitamin B3 (niacinamide).  The reduction of free fatty acids will increase your glucose sensitivity and improve your metabolism without use of carnitine.

Relying on fatty acid metabolism and carnitine for energy production can negatively affect bones, which require continuous reconstructive and efficient metabolic functions of osteoblasts for maintenance of bone mass.

Fish Oil

High doses of fish oil might also reduce the immune system’s activity, reducing the body’s ability to fight infection. This is a special concern for people taking medications to reduce their immune system’s activity (organ transplant patients, for example) and the elderly.

Indeed, in a study done on mice attempting to prove the anti-inflammatory and immune supporting effects, researches found the mice were more susceptible to induced bacterial infections following high doses of fish oil.

About the cytoxicity of Resveratrol and Curcumin I do think these substances are only cytotoxic, when needed (cancer, bacteria).

What do you think, is the thyroid lowering effect something of concern?



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There's always controversy it seems on just about everything. I continue to take all of these things, because any negative pieces/views I read are usually not examined in the complete picture.

On a similar note:

Here's a related article on the anti-cancer effect on 2 of these ingredients.

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