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  1. The sensitivity is VERY sharp pain. Wow it hurts and so far sensodyne tooth paste is not doing much. I am doing oil pulling once a day along with Himalayan salt rince. It hurts to bite down. I guess biting down on it is a sharp pain too? Someone has suggested 4-6g of Lyphoseric C? for a couple of weeks. I might try this as well. Other than that, I am beat on what else to do.
  2. Thanks Larkin... I have tried coconut oil pulling and Himalayan salt water rinses. I need to be more consistent with these practices. Is there a way to know what might be happening to the tooth? What might the chances be of fixing the tooth? Thanks.
  3. I have a tooth that was filled about a year ago. It had a massive cavity and the Dentist said I may need a root canal. For a while now it has been sensitive to cold and hurts when I bite down on the tooth. I went back to the Dentist and he advised there is gum recession and maybe a possible crack in the filling or tooth. The Dentist filled the tooth again and did his best to make sure it was sealed. The tooth is still sensitive to cold and hurts to bite down on. Can anyone share what they have done in a similar situation to me? I do not know what to do. I do not want a root canal and I would rather not have the tooth pulled out. Thanks,
  4. Thanks for this! At the moment, I have stopped the Vitamin C (Quali-C). Something has been causing my ferritin to leap up in regular amounts. My ALT really jumped up last time too.
  5. Thanks! So this is basically saying that if I have something "off" with my liver and ferritin/ALT levels, it is best to stop Vitamin C?
  6. For a number of months now, I was taking 3g of Vitamin C before bed on an empty stomach. I also wonder if this was bad for me?
  7. It looks like my biggest issue is the ALT and the increasing ferritin. It seems that there is a problem with my liver. Any ideas on what is going on? Thanks,
  8. Well, I am REALLY hoping like crazy to not go to an Endocrinologist, so DNA testing?? I would just rather avoid going down this route. I am not big on Doctors and don't totally trust them. I mean, my Doc never even looked at my ferritin (and how it has increased each time) or how my ALT is now way over the limit. I just want to know what to do and I am willing to give it a trial. So if there is a way to get a plan together on this, I would really appreciate it. So far, all I can find to do is this; Stop Vitamin C Donate blood Take Green Tea extract Take Calcium I think I do have non-alcoholic fatty liver and I seem to store iron. Going by my previous test results, things seemed to start going out of kilter back in 2005. Thanks,
  9. Thanks so much! I am donating blood on Tuesday, so that is a start... With supplements, I was taking 3g of Vitamin C on n empty stomach before bed, but now have stopped it completely. I may eventually get back onto this but at a dose or 1g. Not sure if this will help or not? I have read that Green Tea extract is worth taking? Milk Thistle has done nothing. It looks like TUDCA did nothing also. IP6 didn't work either. I also read somewhere that Calcium is worth taking to lower iron? Does anyone have any other ideas on what else I can take? Thanks,
  10. I also came across this from the Australian Red Cross - This web link seems to explain things well, but I am still lost on why my liver enzymes are elevated...
  11. I came across this website and it seemed to make sense?
  12. Thanks for getting back to me. My Doc ( a nice guy ), but he did not even look at the ferritin or my ALT. I had my results, left the Surgery and as I was sitting in the car I took a look. When I saw my ferritin at 367, I flipped out and thought "What the??" I ended up going back into see the Doc and he still was not that phased by it. All he said is that it was an inflammation marker. Is it me just being paranoid? When I see numbers consecutively going up like this, I tend to think there is a problem... My Doc has referred me on to an Endocrinologist, to get me checked over. My testosterone is low (it was 7.6, 9 and now the latest is 8.5). I am below the reference range of 11 and supplemental synthetic testosterone is on the discussion table. How is this for being half backed though... When I went back into the see the Doc about my concerns with the ferritin levels, he asked if he had previously ran an ultrasound on my liver. I said, no. He then said that this is something the Endocrinologist can do. The Doc said briefly that I may have a fatty liver. I have tried high doses of milk thistle, choline and TUDCA to help my liver and ferritin. So far, nothing... It is still climbing. I have booked myself into the Red Cross to donate blood next week and am prepared to go a number of times to get this under control. It is hard trying to work this out. What I have found so far is that high ferritin and low testosterone seem to go hand in hand. Will donating blood be enough to fix all this though? My liver seems to have an issue by the looks of all this. Just not sure what to do... Thanks...
  13. Hi everyone, After a while trying to sort all this out, I am back again... I have just had my blood test results come in. My Doctor is saying that I am hypertriglyceridaemia and have borderline low testosterone. I weight lift, eat well, use supplements and am in good condition. I am in my early 40's. My ferritin is going up and up and up on each blood test, my cholesterol has gone down from 8.8 to 6.7. My ferritin has risen a lot on the past three blood tests (242 - 287 - 367). Here are my recent blood test results; TSH - 0.5 mIU/L ( Reference range - 0.3 - 3.5 ) Free T4 - 14.9 pmol/L ( Reference range - 9.0 - 19.0 ) Prolactin - 110 mIU/L ( Reference range - less than 500 ) Total PSA - 0.29 ug/L ( Reference range - 0.25 - 2.2 ) Lab comments say I am below the norm for a male in my early 40's and prostate neoplasia may be a concern?? What the?? Cortisol - 267 nmol ( Reference range - 100 - 535 ) Chemistry (serum) Sodium - 141 mmol/L ( Reference range - 135 - 145 ) Potassium - 4.7 mmol/L ( Reference range - 3.5 - 5.5 ) Chloride - 107 mmol/L ( Reference range - 135 - 145 ) Bicarbonate - 21 mmol/L ( Reference range - 20 - 32 ) Anion Gap - 13 mmol/L ( Reference range - 5 - 15 ) Ca (corr) - 2.34 mmol/L ( Reference range - 2.10 - 2.55 ) Phosphate - 1.1 mmol/L ( Reference range - 0.8 - 1.5 ) Urea - 5.6 mmol/L ( Reference range - 3.0 - 8.0 ) Urate - 0.40 mmol/L ( Reference range - 0.20 - 0.50 ) Creatinine - 73 umol/L ( Reference range - 60 - 110 ) eGFR - >90 ( Reference Range - >59 ) Fast Glucose - 5.6 mmol/L ( Reference range - 3.6 - 6.0 ) Random Glucose - 4.7 mmol/L ( Reference range - 3.6 – 7.7 ) Total Protein - 74 g/L ( Reference Range - 66 - 83 ) Albumin - 47 gL ( Reference Range - 39 - 50 ) Globulin - 27 g/L ( Reference Range - 20 - 39 ) T Bilirubin - 12 umol/L ( Reference range - 4 - 20 ) ALP - 60 U/L ( Reference Range - 35 - 110 ) AST - 40 U/L ( Reference Range - 10 - 40 ) ALT - 66 U/L ( Reference Range - 5 - 40 ) GGT - 33 U/L ( Reference Range - 5 - 40 ) LDH - 193 U/L ( Reference Range - 120 - 250 ) Cholesterol - 6.7 mmol/L ( Reference range - 3.9 - 5.5 ) Haemolysis Index - 11 ( Reference Range - 0 - 40 ) Androgens Testosterone - 8.5 nmol/L ( Reference Range - 11.0 - 40.0 ) Anaemia Profile Iron - 25 umol/L ( Reference Range - 5 - 30 ) Transferrin – 2.3 g/L ( Reference Range – 1.9- 3.1 ) TIBC - 57 umol/L ( Reference Range - 45 - 72 ) Saturation - 44% ( Reference Range - 20 - 55 ) Ferritin - 367 ug/L ( Reference Range - 30 - 300 ) My Doctor has suggest I see an Endocrinologist, I am hoping to avoid this if possible. What do you think? Thanks so much!