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  1. There's always controversy it seems on just about everything. I continue to take all of these things, because any negative pieces/views I read are usually not examined in the complete picture. On a similar note: Here's a related article on the anti-cancer effect on 2 of these ingredients.
  2. Yes, I think so too. It would seen that taking large amounts of isolated potassium can create an imbalance. It certainly does this with other substances. Speaking of deodorizing the body.... I haven't used anything other than nutrition for several years since most deodorants found in stores are toxic (especially aluminium). Many of the natural versions I would try were not quite potent enough (or at least long lasting) and girlfriends can usually tell me how effective they are/were. So I've been experiencing now with a non-toxic, probiotic form...Not bad at all.
  3. There's usually a cause for everything; and in most cases these types of problems are caused by multiple events or sometimes a single one. Vaccines contain a number of retroviruses and foreign DNA, plus plenty of toxic adjuvants. Other times, it's courtesy of the dentist who alters physiology by changing the physical terrain. Researchers rarely point towards these causes, and instead blame it on bacteria, which is usually associated by not the cause.
  4. Nice to see an article about this. In the early 90's I was made aware of a similar problem, but it was put in a different context, that generally most people fell well below the current dietary guidelines. About 10 years ago I did a number of experiments in attempt to find out what would happen if I increased potassium intake. Here is what happened (note: the sources I used maybe was far from ideal). I tried topical potassium citrate (on my scalp) and at another time, high dose apple cider vinegar capsules. The effect of topical potassium citrate had an immediate cooling sensation (maybe a minoxidil free of side-effects) the unexpected problem I had was that my body scent--unbeknownst to be at first was terrible. My girlfriend had to point it out and it took me a while to figure out the source, since I had been using other things. The exact same effect happened when I mega dosed on ACV capsules. Since that time I had heard of an interesting theory, that most of the potassium we have today is not ideal, a lot of it is derived from chemical fertilizers NPK. Ultimately, the fix to keep aldosterone in check is to maintain high levels of magnesium intake and this also props up levels of potassium.
  5. rapeseed oil (aka canola oil) is toxic, and is highly expressive of 5-AR, so would absolutely avoid it. Palm oil is highly preferred (even if it is processed). However, avoid any oil that is partially hydrogenated
  6. You may find stories here:
  7. Great post! Here's my "2 cents" to add to it. Finally a nice charge against the Peat obsession that isn't right for everyone. Omega-3s will increase our lifespan (no Peat about it). Niacinamide and Taurine do have some value in MPB, although the effects are marginal. Taurine is good value for those who avoid meat for example. Also when it come to hair, there are much larger threats, not addressed in the Peat universe.
  8. homebody1966 - There's probably something going on. Although remember, allow up to 90 days for a result in some cases. Not being "doctors" is a disclaimer. Translated into English, the medical industrial complex is not about health. It is a business enterprise and as such, a customer cured is a customer lost. If you continue not to get a result, feel free to book a consultation. There maybe some serious issues that can be resolved.
  9. Yes, this is true. Research shows that it is the MK-4 form that increases testosterone levels. It's also a good idea to have good regulation of calcium in the body. I take this, which contains a generous amount of MK-4 form as well as a standard amount of MK-7.
  10. Not having enough IGF-1 will prevent a DHT blocker from helping. Blocking DHT helps to elevate it somewhat, but if it's already low, it won't make any difference whatsoever. Assuming that IGF-1 is too low (could be something else), colostrum is worth trying. It won't hurt to try either way.
  11. The part left out of the author's aim on the oils is prostaglandins. Of course we want to take in many antioxidants, and if you are interesting in your health it is imperative. However, given the choice I'll opt for animal based oils. All that said, maybe it doesn't matter in the big picture, because the vast majority of restaurants, and most of the oils found on market shelves is already destroyed. For me is absolutely necessary to take omega-3 fatty acid supplements (in my case krill oil) to offset the ridiculously high onslaught of omega-6 oils. Also, omega-6 oils themselves are good when there is zero heat processing. Simply by buying commercial variety at the store, they are already destroyed (by method of their processing). A quick word on olive oil. It's one of the few unrefined oils out there (if extra virgin), although it should never be heated, because it will be damaged (chlorophyll, etc). In that context, the author I believe is correct. Now back to prostaglandins. I will not consume an oil knowingly, especially canola oil mainly because of its prostaglandin effects. There are other omega-3, 6 oils that have positive prostaglanin effects (though it is necessary to consume them completely unprocessed with as little heat, light or oxygen as possible).
  12. Thanks for looking into that CF. One way that I will use on occasion to enhance my hydrogen level (which does improve hydration), is hydrated silica or negatively charged hydrogen ions. They used to carry it on iherb, so had to get it at amazon. In cases of food poisoning, or dehydration it's a great first aid. It is speculated that hydrogen deficiency is very common. A primary cause of death is dehydration.
  13. I always say, the "devil" is in the details. The alkaline myth seems to persist. It's more complicated than that. Chemo is poison (only 3 types of cancer respond), better to improve immune system than to destroy it. Dealing with the cause (and there are many) is most important.
  14. I totally agree: I think you hit the nail on the head exactly. Krill does not hurt. Most physicians are woefully ignorant about natural things and think within a drug world. There is a relationship between platelets and the spleen. The drugs are absolute poison. Drugs taken as directed kill more people than traffic accidents. Unfortunately, people no matter what I tell them (who are usually victims of the doctor/drug companies) almost cannot seem to think outside of their programming. Often arthritis is the result of the diet, not some inevitable problem.